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The results are STRIKING!

 Downriver's authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing Gym


About TGCS

   Training Grounds Combat Sports is a martial arts gym that strives to be a community for anyone and everyone looking to improve their health, fitness, and combat skills.

   Whether you are just looking to learn a new skill, knock heads as a competitive fighter, or turn heads with a stronger and leaner body... we're in your corner!

   We offer:

  • No-Contact & Contact Classes for Kids AND Adults.

  • Self-Defense and Martial Arts Training

  • Supervised Sparring Sessions

  • 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 Personal Training

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • A SAFE, CLEAN, and FRIENDLY Training Environment

  • Passionate, Experienced, and Qualified Trainers


 Your first day is FREE! So stop in and take the first step towards a STRONGER, more CONFIDENT, and more POWERFUL YOU!

The Training

The Training


The sweet science.

Our boxing classes don't just teach you how to throw a punch... any cardio class can do that. We also teach you how to apply it! Learn how to use combinations, footwork, and defensive tactics to become the best FIGHTER you can be. Classes include partner drills, pad drills, punching bags, and shadowboxing.

*Gloves required*


Muay Thai

The art of 8 limbs.

Two-hand combat not enough for you? What if you had eight?

Muay Thai is known as the art of 8 limbs because it uses both hands, both legs, both knees, and both elbows as striking points. Not only is it an amazing way to burn fat, but it's the best striking martial art used for self defense and MMA. Classes include partner drills, pad drills, punching bags, and shadowboxing.

*Gloves and Shin Guards required*

_MG_2507 copy.jpg

Kickbox Cardio

Get FIT without getting HIT.

Our 25 minute kickboxing circuit is modeled after the famous 5 round championship fights of the UFC.

Using legit kickboxing techniques and a variety of punching bags, you will torch calories AND learn a new skill in less than half of an hour!

*Gloves required*

_MG_2558 copy.jpg


High Intenisty Interval Training.

This 45 minute workout involves resistance equipment like Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and Battle Ropes to BUILD muscle and strength while DESTROYING unwanted body fat!

Side effects may include: speed, endurance, explosiveness, and a long-lasting increase in metabolism.

Young Warriors

Designed for kids 9 to 14 years old. 

This 45 minute class teaches basic striking martial arts techniques for self-defense as well as efficient mobility, coordination, balance, speed, stamina, and strength. ALL while increasing mental focus and confidence!

*Gloves and Shin Guards required*


Check out our schedule and try a FREE class!
No booking required. No gear required. No skill required.


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